Highlight the space with a lighting fixture!

Properly chosen design of architectural lighting fitting will fill a massive hall and become a dominant feature. A lamp with a high CRI will make the dentist's work easier. A correctly chosen color of the ambient lighting will help complete the emotional experience of the massage.  Correctly chosen curve of the projector will highlight all the details of shop window.  

Every project requires individual solution that best meets the client's daily needs.  Don´t look for shorcuts, there are many possibilities how luminaire can offer an added value. Let's find a solution together!  

Luminaire in a space can be more than "just a light" !

(Reference photo:  latest projet with distinctive 9 meter circle in the community hall) 

Students are returning to schools, prepare them environment for a pleasant adaptation from online studies to classrooms.

In addition to checking the correct light intensity in the classroom, the color temperature has a great influence on the well-being and especially the concentration of students. While cool white daylight stimulates attention, warm white light has relaxing effect and supports creativity! Our luminaires  can provide you with option of daylight simulation which can consciously stimulate the activity and regeneration of students.  

Our manufacturers will provide you such lighting solution that will allow students to move easily from home to classrooms!

Interested in the origin of luminaire
and its impact on environment?

Constant price pressure and main discussion on performance parameters did not provide many opportunities to raise questions about the complete origin of the luminaire, its components, the environmental footprint, compliance with labour legislation or the manufacturer's social responsibility. Market changes caused by Covid-19 have helped to accelerate clients' interest in products whose origin is known. Fortunately, there are ways to reliably declare the origin of the product, so that your purchase decision can support a company which cares about our environment. Do not hesitate to ask your manufacturers about the origin of the product.

We are ready to provide you with all the detailed information and certificates.

Atypical ceilings offer new opportunities for luminaire manufacturers

Ceiling manufacturers offer variety of ceiling types and sizes, which require search for alternative solutions of mounting for recessed luminaires. Current modern ceilings produced without visible frameworks require adaptation of installation accessories so that luminaire looks like natural part of ceiling and offers natural homogeneity and clean lines. In addition to commonly used ceilings, market sees growing demand for acoustic ceilings which offer optimal acoustic environment that improves speech intelligibility and reduces room noise.

Natural materials in lighting

Value of lighting fixtures is mostly considered via lighting parameters, however its design and  impact on well-being is often underestimated. Overall lighting experience can be improved if stimulating also other senses. Let´s enchant your clients with luminaires made of unique fragrant natural materials changing perception of space and accentuating pleasant and charming atmosphere.

Image: Wooden luminaire with natural sound absorption decorative plate  

Intelligent solutions for your project

Think about inteligent luminaires which respond automatically to your needs and predict your behaviour. Today´s market offer large variety of solutions for your inteligent project in each application. Inteligent luminaires do not only bring higher user comfort, their benefit is also seen in energy savings, faster return of investment, increased security and economy on further maintenance costs. Lightpartners team follows current trends and is ready to support your ideas and solutions for your inteligetent lighting projects.